Marconic Energy Healing raises your vibration, activating DNA, and restoring your chakras to their full capacity and function. It expands your energy field, helping you to no longer take on negative energy, while releasing fear frequencies, limiting beliefs, and karmic debris, and aligning you with your true-life path.

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The Marconic Quantum Recalibration is a one-time restructuring of the 3rd Dimensional body and energy system to a 5th Dimensional template. This allows you to become multidimensional and perceive, experience, and thrive at higher frequencies. Your chakras are released from the 3D conical shape designed to keep you phase-locked in the density of the 3D matrix, removing you from the karma wheel. After a Recalibration you never ‘power down’ to a lower frequency, which supports ongoing healing of the multidimensional body, creating peace and balance in your life.

"The human upgrade!"

Marconic Quantum Recalibration

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During a No-Touch session, your system is flooded with powerful Marconic Energy, stimulating profound healing at all levels of the multidimensional body. Due to this rise in frequency you will experience increased peace and balance in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Your chakras are balanced and you shed density from your field as you connect with your own Higher Self and spirit team. 

Marconic 'No-Touch' Session

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I'm an Advanced Marconics Energy Practitioner, here to assist you in accelerating your personal evolution and transformation through Marconic Ascension Energy. Marconics offers you greater access to step fully into who you really are, and what you are here to do. Are you ready to make the SHIFT!?

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How is Marconics Different from Other Healing Modalities?

As a full-spectrum and multidimensional energy healing modality, Marconics heals the entire holographic body, including all physical, emotional, mental and etheric layers. Marconics is Pure Source Energy, whereas other modalities are a subset of energy designed for the 3D physical experience prior to 2012.

If you think of Marconic Energy as being represented by 10 fingers on two hands; Reiki would be represented by only one finger, Angel Healing another, Qi Gong another, etc. As we progress forward, older energy healing modalities devised for the Third Dimension, are becoming less effective on the developing lightbody.
Those who are raising their frequency are finding these techniques no longer pack a ‘punch’ and are leveling off. Marconics pulls down energy from the full-spectrum of energetic field frequencies available since late 2012 including, near, mid infrared, ultra violet, gamma radiation, radio and microwave.

As the Ascending light body is developing, the frequency of Marconic Energy helps to strengthen and fortify the new field while enabling density, karma, and trauma to be released.

The Earth is Shifting

As we move through the energetic shift occurring on Earth, our human bodies are being upgraded to withstand higher dimensional light frequencies. Marconics Energy Healing raises your energetic frequency, bringing you into greater alignment with this shift; creating a deeper connection with your Higher Self and in manifestation of your personal heaven on Earth.

Ready to upgrade your energy? Marconics is a full-spectrum Ascension Energy known as the ‘Evolution of Energy Healing!’.

A Marconic Energy Session raises your vibration high above the fear frequencies of the Third Dimension, allowing you to experience increased peace, confidence, and balance in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Marconic Energy connects and aligns you with your Higher Self at Source. This supports rapid transformation and facilitates spiritual, emotional and physical healing at the deepest levels. An immediate knowing of what is meant for you are just some of the effects of a Marconics Session.

Remote sessions available.

Marconics Ascension Healing Energy

Marconics Energy

If you’re interested in learning more about Marconics, or simply have questions, book a FREE call. We will explore your spiritual journey and discuss how Marconics can assist in accelerating your Ascension path. During the call, you will have the option to schedule a FREE 20-minute sample of Marconics Energy, sent remotely, at a time convenient for you.

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"I have been absolutely blown away by how my life has positively changed and has become more abundant after seeing Alyse for a No Touch, and then a Recalibration! I feel lighter, clearer, more tapped in, and connected with WHO I AM, as well as HOW I show up in the world. Thank you Alyse! I couldn't recommend her more!!!"


"My Recalibration with Alyse through Marconics has truly been life changing. I was dependent on cannabis for 12+ years and this healing has allowed me to release my psychological addiction, be more motivated, start healing my trauma in many ways, and I feel so much closer to my higher self/source energy. Alyse has been incredible throughout the process and I highly recommend her as a healer!"


"This energy practice is amazing. Alyse performed the ‘No touch’ healing on me and I experienced the effects for days to come. I have had many different types of energy healing and this one is very unique"


"I recently started seeing Alyse for energy work and I have been very pleased with her and my results. She is very knowledgeable and explains things well and even checks in with you afterwards. I definitely feel better since working with her!"