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While born with intuitive gifts, my spiritual journey began at the age of 13, when my mom became a certified Reiki healer. Over the years I was introduced to numerous modalities of energy work, from Theta Healing, to Shamanic work, to Angel Healing, and Body Talk, and so on. Each modality offering a unique perspective when it came to the connection between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Over the years, in spite of “doing the work”, I felt as if I was fighting a constant uphill battle; with each “breakthrough”, a new obstacle would appear in its place. My relationships continued to challenge me, and I struggled to find success. In addition to that, my physical body was plagued with increasing health issues and sensitivities.

I tried everything I could to heal my body, addressing issues holistically and energetically, and while my body improved, I was always working to keep recurring issues at bay. I couldn’t understand why life seemed to only be getting more challenging, in spite of all of the personal work I was doing. Why the tools that had once helped so much, were no longer making a significant impact.

During an extended period of introspection and spiritual growth, I came across Marconics, and from my first session I knew this is what I’d been searching for! My life began to transform rapidly; I felt more at peace with myself, and in alignment with my path. The pattern of consistent blocks and obstacles began to fade, and as my body naturally healed itself, my ongoing battle to remain healthy subsided.

As someone who has always had a passion for helping others, it felt only natural to continue on this path as a practitioner; in support of others with their own spiritual journey. Maybe you have felt the limitations of older modalities that no longer pack the same punch, or you relate to the experiences I've shared. If that's you, I am here to assist!

About Alyse Michele

"I have been absolutely blown away by how my life has positively changed and has become more abundant after seeing Alyse for a No Touch, and then a Recalibration! I feel lighter, clearer, more tapped in, and connected with WHO I AM, as well as HOW I show up in the world. Thank you Alyse! I couldn't recommend her more!!!"


"My Recalibration with Alyse through Marconics has truly been life changing. I was dependent on cannabis for 12+ years and this healing has allowed me to release my psychological addiction, be more motivated, start healing my trauma in many ways, and I feel so much closer to my higher self/source energy. Alyse has been incredible throughout the process and I highly recommend her as a healer!"


"This energy practice is amazing. Alyse performed the ‘No touch’ healing on me and I experienced the effects for days to come. I have had many different types of energy healing and this one is very unique"


"I recently started seeing Alyse for energy work and I have been very pleased with her and my results. She is very knowledgeable and explains things well and even checks in with you afterwards. I definitely feel better since working with her!"